Iraqi Journal of Oil and Gas Research (IJOGR) is strictly adhering to the research ethics rules issued by the National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) to maintain the highest level of integrity in the content published. This includes the duty of honesty in research, as well as responsibility to colleagues, other people, animals, the environment, and society in the widest sense. IJOGR has also a Conflict of Interest policy in place that complies with the international standards on research. Content published in this journal is peer reviewed according to Double–Blind basis. Before any consideration, IJOGR will check plagiarism of the submitted materials using the global software “Turnitin”. Author(s) are required to submit original and unplagiarized work. Plagiarism from the previously published work of your own is unaccepted, as well (your thesis and/or dissertation are excluded and can be used as materials for submission). Plagiarism term means using ideas, data, texts, or plots from others and representing them as your own. Plagiarism is not to be tolerated by our journal and the journal has the full right to decline the submission at any stage of the submission process (including accepted articles) if editors figured out that any of the borrowed materials are improperly attributed. The corresponding author is required to sign an ethics declaration form while submitting the manuscript. The author will hold the responsibility of any ethics infringement.