The Iraqi Journal of Oil and Gas Research (IJOGR) is a Biannual peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 2020 by the Department of Petroleum Technology /University of Technology.



IJOGR is an Open Access journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed research articles concerning the subjects in the fields of chemical and petroleum Engineering and relevant subjects. The journal aims to provide a free platform for researchers all over the world to share diverse types of knowledge and discuss the recent developments in the subjects related to the journal interest. The objective of the journal is to promote researches in the engineering subjects covered by journals to disseminate their intellectual products to the global community free of restriction.  



IJOGR offers a multidisciplinary source of information in all subjects and topics that focuses on Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and relevant subjects.

The journal publishes original articles in the following areas: -

- Reservoir engineering

- Production engineering

- Well drilling engineering

- Oil exploration

- Formations evaluation

- Enhanced Oil Recovery

- Oil transportation and storage

- Petroleum geology

- Petrochemicals and refining

- Gas production and processing

- Applications of artificial intelligence

- Environmental pollution and treatment techniques

- Corrosion and safety

- Applications of nanotechnology in oil industry

- Oil field management