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1 University of Technology-Iraq

2 University of Technology - Iraq

3 Oil and gas engineering department

4 Oik and gas engineering department


In this paper, the importance of using well logging data in well completion take into consideration, specifically for detection of well optimum perforation interval by using well logs data of (NS-1) well in Nasiriyah oil field in Yamama formation, which is detected process done by using the available well logging recorders such as (Gamma Ray log, SP log, RHOB log, NPHI log and Resistivity logs), the environmental correction has been done for available logs recording using Interactive Petrophysics software (IP) which used to determine Petrophysical Properties, further, construct a geological model by (petrel) software which used to detect the Water Oil Contact (WOC) in the geological structure to avoid to perforate nearby zone. The results show that the average Porosity is (11.2 %) and average Permeability is (12 md), whereas the minimum water saturation is (20.5%) at depth interval (3170-3230 m), while the WOC is located at depth (3378 m). Finally the results shows the optimum perforation zone is located at depth interval (3190-3210 m).